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Type Bedrooms
House 3

Sales History

The median sale price for 3-bedroom house in Tranmere for the past 12 months was $505,250.

Date Status Price
17 May 2013 Sold $450,000

$579,700 Confidence: High

Our estimate based on sales of comparable properties in the area.

Sale Date Sale Price Sale Type Bedrooms Bathrooms Parking Spaces Distance
4 Oct 2013 $507,000 Private Sale 3 63 m
15 Nov 2013 $462,000 Sold 3 109 m
18 Oct 2013 $540,000 Private Sale 3 175 m

Please note that this estimate is not a professional appraisal and calculated automatically using available data which may be incomplete or wrong, negatively impacting the accuracy of this estimate.

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